Free Reads

I’ve written a lot of stories over the years, some of which I have not been so lucky in finding homes for. My loss, your gain. Here are a few of my favorites, posted for your reading pleasure. I will warn, however, that my writing is not always pretty or nice. Some of these stories are light comedies, others are… far darker. Enjoy! 🙂


After the murder of his flamboyant gay lover, Lou must learn to accept and move on — with the help of a friendly ghost.

In Dreams of Mine

(Rated R, sexual and taboo content) When a strange woman appears in her apartment armed with information, Caryn must face the painful truth she’s been hiding from…

The Lady in the Tower

It’s just your normal day in Fantasy Land when Kellen accepts a challenge to free a woman from the clutches of a dreadful monster…

The Quest for a Gilt Jockstrap

Alzia is sick and tired of her friends Rhidan and Darter dragging her into their every new scheme and caper, but when she hears their latest plan, she can’t refuse — if only to keep their sorry asses alive.