Creative Slump

| August 19, 2009

It’s been a rough summer. After finishing The Shadow Unveiled and Severed Spirits Rising, I haven’t been able to get in a frame of mind to work on anything. I had a nasty event a few months ago, and I haven’t entirely recovered since. Between that, the difficulties of summer on my health, plus usual […]

Writing As A Vocation

| May 16, 2007

I’m blogging today at The Novelty Girls about my writing doubts. Seems we’ve determined that “my” Inner Dickwad gets around a lot. 🙄 I actually wanted to expand on something I said there, but wasn’t immediately relevant to the post. I mentioned that writing is my calling, and for me that’s been very true. I’d […]

A Double Edged Blade

| July 15, 2006

It really sucks to be working on the novella and all of a sudden, feel like complete shit about it. As in, getting very depressed every time I start to work on it again. Now, with somebody else, I might wonder about self-doubts or regular confidence issues, but 99% of the time, that isn’t the […]

“You’re not a Real Writer …”

| May 20, 2006

I have this little problem I like to call the Inner Infernal. Okay. Some days it’s not a “little” problem. Some days it’s a big one that stomps into my nook, knocks me out of my chair, breaks my keyboard in two, and proceeds to make a royal mess of the place. After battling writer’s […]

Further realisations…

| February 8, 2006

(x-posted from the LJ. Originally posted 01-21-06.) So. I’ve been back to working on Stronger recently. This actually happened about four or five days after I made my prior entry regarding writing, but I’ve been busy and haven’t gotten around to it. But… it’s another, very large piece of the puzzle. While working on one […]