*cracks knuckles*

Time to get to work.

I’m going to be working on various writing projects today. I’ll be hanging out and posting progress in chat at Evolution. If anyone wants to hop in and write with me, I’d be glad for the company. 🙂

(You will need to register an account on site if you’re not a member, but it only takes a couple minutes.)

Word War?

If anyone would be interested, I’m going to be in Evolution’s StormChat trying to get some writing done … as I have a MuseMuggers piece to finish tonight, along with the rest of the character bio. So, if anyone would like to pop in for a Word War in a half hour, hour or so (or anytime tonight, really!!), I’ll be there. 🙂

(Note: For those not already a member of Evolution, you’ll have to register on the boards, but that takes less than five minutes. :P)