Got words

| May 26, 2005

Serrau’s CharBio 336 / 1000 (33.60%) Taking a break to eat at the moment. Being hypoglycemic sucks.


| May 25, 2005

I finished the character bio!!! Wheee!!! Zenaya Kirador’s CharBio 1306 / 1000 (130.60%) I’m really rather pleased with how it came out. I learned a lot about the MC and her past, along with some worldbuilding information … now I need to do the hero’s, but I may let that one wait until tomorrow. *squee!* […]

| May 25, 2005

Okay, got the post for the Sex & Sexuality thread done. That was … difficult. And I’m staying up. So, hopefully, writing will happen tonight. No, make that, writing will happen tonight. Dammit. Oh! And see the nifty progress meter my male wrote! Zenaya Kirador’s CharBio 0 / 1000 (0%) He’s still working on it–this’s […]

Mreh …

| May 22, 2005

Okay. Dammit. I need to write. I have two plotbunnies–two!!!–and a book to rewrite, on top of that. So, I need to do some prewriting on one of the bunnies … probably I’ll work on the cat-people one, as that’s calling me atm. Romance between a felinoid warlord and a human tracker/ranger with both their […]