The Reaper’s Price

| September 3, 2006

The Reaper’s Price3202 / 5000 (64.04%) Progress so far on The Reaper’s Price. As usual when I decide to do a marathon, something cropped up. This time it’s not a flu, but my back has been hurting really badly lately. I’m not sure what’s up with it, but it’s been spasming a lot and much […]

Quaking in my little goth boots…

| September 1, 2006  (Current Mood: excited)

Or something like that. 😉 Miss Snark is opening the Crap-o-meter for submissions tomorrow. Basically, it’s a chance at a public (informative) shredding session of a query and first page. Masochistic little me? So going for it. Add to that, the Evil Editor is almost through the metric shitload of queries he received when the […]