New cover! and new site!

| May 13, 2009

Firstly, I want to thank y’all for the comments made on Monday’s excerpt. I had a blast writing that book, and I’m glad that other people seem to like it as much. 😀 Secondly, I have a new website design! If you’re reading this by RSS, please click over and check it out, because it’s […]

Writer’s Resources

| July 27, 2006

I updated my website with links to various writer’s resources. It’s not very comprehensive at the moment, because I mostly linked to stuff I use all the time. If anybody has anything they think should be added to the resources, please either shoot me an email or comment here. 🙂

Updated website

| July 23, 2006  (Current Mood: working)

I updated with a revamped short story page (yeah, I know I just put it up; I didn’t like it), poetry, and links to reviews of Waking the Shadows. 🙂