Current projects

| September 5, 2011

So I actually have been writing lately. 🙂 I finished up revisions on a Shadowguard prequel, Severed Spirits Rising, the other day. I’ve been sitting on it for, man, a couple years now. I had some really nasty crap happen right around when I finished it that resulted in me leaving it be. That, and […]

Submitted Twilight

| August 22, 2006

So, I got crits back from people, implemented changes, formatted the MS properly, and submitted The Twilight Deception. Whee!

Does this count as a request for a full?

| July 19, 2006  (Current Mood: excited)

I heard back from Rachel Fox at Liquid Silver the other day regarding A Passion Draconic. She said just to go ahead and send along the full novel. So, now I need to make the edits, do a basic line edit on the rest of the manuscript to see if there’s anything I haven’t caught, […]

(Not so) brief update…

| June 2, 2006

The past several days have been … very hectic, to say the least. 🙄 I haven’t managed to get quite as much done as I’d wanted, but it’s been a hellish week. Morgan was feeling social on Wednesday, so we went out to see X3 with a friend of his. I liked the movie a […]

Acceptance! *squee*

| April 11, 2006

About a week or so ago, I read the submissions call for Freya’s Bower Bites line on their blog and on Romance Divas. After asking a few questions of one of their editors on the RD thread, I went ahead and submitted my query and writing sample early April 9th. Ironically, the writing sample I […]