Well, I kind of started on the rewrite … I resurrected the playlist, at least. Would you believe I actually had it saved on my computer, even after three years and three computers? *shakes head*

O’course, I discovered that I didn’t have a good many of the songs anymore, so I had to go download, retag, and I added some new songs. It doesn’t help that many of the songs hold visceral bittersweet memories for me. I was falling in love with my ex-fiance, going to college, and having problems with my family. It doesn’t help matters that the fiance turned abusive and I left him over a year ago, I left college, left WA State, and I ended up leaving the writing community I was a member of then and forming Evolution.


So I’m going to go play NWN for awhile and see if I can get head cleared. Then I’ll hit the rewrite. 🙂