| February 19, 2007

It’s been a hectic weekend. First off, it’s looking like we need to replace our car sooner than we’d anticipated, so my plans to go to RWA Nationals this year are more than a bit moot, unless Morgan should manage to get a significantly better job in the next couple months (given his recent health, […]

Romance Divas eBook Challenge: Transformation

| February 14, 2007

(Note: Argh! I posted this the other day and for some reason, the blog program I posted from marked it as private even though it wasn’t supposed to be. >_< Better late than never, I guess…) Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m participating in Romance Divas’ eBook Challenge. Click here for the full list of participants and […]

One down…

| January 13, 2007

I finished my short story for Forbidden Publications’ Valentine’s Day collection yesterday. It ended up about 8k long — so much for my 5k estimate — and I’m rather pleased with it. There’s some things I want to go over and punch up, but overall, I think it came out quite nicely. 🙂 Now that […]

Waking the Shadows…

| May 25, 2006

Waking the Shadows is now available at Freya’s Bower

Two pieces of good news…

| May 17, 2006

First off, I got my cover for Waking the Shadows today. Click here to see it. 🙂 Secondly … I finished Resurrection! After the absolute hell I’ve gone through with this damn thing, I’ve finally finished it. Total wordcount: 53610 I’m going to post the total manuscript for my crit partners to look over and […]