Dragon Queen: Mating Call

| January 2, 2007

I don’t usually post book promo in my blogs, but this is an exception… 😉 Emily is a good friend of mine that I’ve known for (literally) yeeeeeeaaaaaaars. I’m very happy to finally see her published, and I hope y’all will take a minute to check this out. 🙂 She set out to cure her […]


| July 19, 2006  (Current Mood: happy)

Amanda Brice is running a series of Freya’s Bower “author profiles.” (Read: Interviews. ;)) She just posted mine; clicky! 🙂

Regarding the novellas…

| June 18, 2006

I mentioned awhile back I was working on developing a couple of novellas potentially for FB. I’ve been working the most on the Valkyrie idea, but I’ve been beating my head into a brick wall on it the past week or so. I think … it needs more simmering time. There’s something “off” and I’m […]


| June 6, 2006

I feel so behind. In actuality, I know I’m not. Sunday, I got a chapter of Resurrection and a chapter of Stronger edited, and I took Monday off. (Much to the workaholic Muse’s dismay.) The medical shebang continues. I haven’t had any problems with any of the medical staff at the Cambridge Hospital, but in […]

My Muse Is A Workaholic

| June 3, 2006

Today I wrote 2136 words, finishing two more chapters in Stronger. I really didn’t expect to end up rewriting as much as I am, but … *shrugs* Oh well. I think it’s coming out a lot better than originally, at least. 🙂 Also edited a chapter in Resurrection. And I think I’m in the running […]