Blog Questions

| July 25, 2006

Tagged by Angelle: 1) When did you first start blogging and why? Technically, I started keeping a writing-related journal around May 2002, but I didn’t post it online; I was living at home at the time and paranoid about my folks. I finally gave in September of that same year and started a blog at […]

You Might Be A Fangirl If …

| June 1, 2006

Stolen from Jane at Dear Author: You Might Be a Fan Girl If (bold those that apply). . .You own more than one copy of a book. . . .You have emailed or mailed a gushing letter of praise to an author. (Not me — but I’m too shy to do that. 😉 ) . […]

Book meme

| May 22, 2005

I’ve been tagged by Gina! *grins* Total number of books I own: Umm. *thinks* At this point, somewhere around 100 – 150? Maybe 200? I haven’t actually gone in and counted recently. I didn’t do much reading or book-buying when I was in Texas … didn’t have the peace of mind to do so. So […]