When Authors Behave Badly Go Absolutely Batshit Insane

| January 3, 2007

Some authors should be forbidden to keep an online presence for their own protection. Anne Rice is a good example. So is Laurell K. Hamilton. No clue what I’m talking about? Go read her recent rant about negative readers. Really. It’s a doozy. Personally, I put her books on my “only buy used” list some […]

I was going to write a rant…

| December 5, 2006

… about Holly Lisle’s recent Chain Bookstores Are Evil post, but the Ja(y)nes at Dear Author said what I was going to far better than I could. *applauds* And before Ms. Lisle sees the trackback ping and comes to bitch me out like she’s done to the folks over at Dear Author, when you say […]