Creative Slump

| August 19, 2009

It’s been a rough summer. After finishing The Shadow Unveiled and Severed Spirits Rising, I haven’t been able to get in a frame of mind to work on anything. I had a nasty event a few months ago, and I haven’t entirely recovered since. Between that, the difficulties of summer on my health, plus usual […]


| August 4, 2009

When I’m reading through romance author’s blogs on my Google Reader… nekkid baby pics is not what I want to see. Not that I have a problem with kids, but… um… when you’re also posting hunky dude pictures… no, just, no.

I don’t understand…

| April 5, 2009

Parents that lecture their child about reading too much. While in a bookstore. What the hell? >_O

Multi-genre Authors + Pen Names = We Can’t Win

| February 2, 2007

I read a post earlier this morning on Romancing the Blog, Genre-Jumping Authors: Love ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em? Basically, whether or not readers like authors who write in multiple sub/genres or not. The comments, to be frank, fucking disturbed me. Several people said outright that if an author they considered “auto-buy” deviated from her norm […]

You know what I was saying about Nocturne?

| December 30, 2006

After the utter mindfuck that was Eternally and Haunted, I haven’t gotten around to reading the other two Nocturnes (Death Calls and Dangerous Temptation) I’ve had around. When reading a book results in irritation-induced insomnia… yeah. 😕 Morgan and I were at Walmart the other day, and they had the January releases out. I thought […]