“Wasting the Dawn” Released

| January 30, 2007

Wasting the Dawn is officially out from Forbidden Publications. 😀 Also, I’ve gotten 99% of the stuff from the old emdrake.com moved over to the new site. I’ve got two articles to put up, then I’m done. (The only reason they haven’t been put up yet is because they have connected/sub articles, and I’m not […]

Coming Soon… (Okay. Really soon.)

| January 27, 2007

If you remember me talking about the erotic short story I was working on for Forbidden Publications… this is the cover. Dayna designed it for me; isn’t it cool? 😀 A bit about the story: Five years after Irina’s death in a tragic accident, Gareth and Rhiannon still grieve for the loss of the woman […]

A Few Changes

| January 24, 2007

I’ve been meaning to set up a “real” website for several months now. I kept saying that I’d get around to learning CSS and building something pretty, but… as much as I’d love to be able to design my own site, it’s not feasible. I don’t have the CSS knowledge, but moreover, I don’t have […]

A Passion Draconic Available Now!

| January 23, 2007

A Passion Draconic has been released from Liquid Silver Books. (YAY! *squee*) The blurb: Healer-Priestess Shaiandral would rather let the Dragonlord rot than save him. But when her Healer’s oath is called upon, she must rise above the contention between their two shifter tribes and travel to his realm. When she arrives, the Dragonlord Veren […]

One down…

| January 13, 2007

I finished my short story for Forbidden Publications’ Valentine’s Day collection yesterday. It ended up about 8k long — so much for my 5k estimate — and I’m rather pleased with it. There’s some things I want to go over and punch up, but overall, I think it came out quite nicely. 🙂 Now that […]