I’ve been Snarked

| December 30, 2006

Okay, not really. For all that people have quivered over the prospect of submitting to Miss Snark’s Happy Hooker Crap-o-meter, she really hasn’t been that snarky, outside of the hooks that seriously deserved it. (A good majority of the commenters, though, are another story entirely.) What Miss Snark said about mine: “This is unfocused and […]

You know what I was saying about Nocturne?

| December 30, 2006

After the utter mindfuck that was Eternally and Haunted, I haven’t gotten around to reading the other two Nocturnes (Death Calls and Dangerous Temptation) I’ve had around. When reading a book results in irritation-induced insomnia… yeah. 😕 Morgan and I were at Walmart the other day, and they had the January releases out. I thought […]


| December 29, 2006

So, I officially have a release date for A Passion Draconic: January 22nd, 2007. Yay! 😀

It’s my day…

| December 26, 2006

… over at Shadows of Passion. I have a post about writing realisations and goals for the future. Check it out. 🙂

Yeah, yeah… long time no post…

| December 26, 2006

I hate winter. I truly hate it. Okay, that’s not totally accurate. I hate fall leading into winter. Once December is over with, I’m usually good. (Read: Once the whole light situation starts sorting its sorry ass out. Gotta love hate seasonal affective disorder.) At least this year, I haven’t been depressed (more than my […]