The Twilight Deception contest winner!

| November 25, 2006

Thisyle, please drop me an email at letting me know what format you’d like. (I have HTML, PDF, lit, and Mobi.) Congrats, and thanks to all for entering! 😀

From the Dark by Michele Hauf

| November 25, 2006

“Plain” Jane Rénan is a glass smith hired to design a stained glass window for an important client. Except she isn’t alone. Michael Lyndsay, lead vocalist of rock band The Fallen, is also staying there while on “break” due to his obsessive blood cravings. (Yes, you guessed it, he’s a vamp.) Needless to say, one […]

Eternally by Maureen Child

| November 19, 2006

I picked up Eternally despite my misgivings about the plot centering around a psychic bond (I have… issues with them, but I will go into that at a later date). A couple people I know had said they really liked the book, so what the hell? Lord. and. Lady. on. a. fucking. pogo. stick. The […]

Book Reviews… Kinda

| November 19, 2006

I’ve been doing the occasional book review for Evolution’s Book Reviews, but I haven’t had the time/energy to put the effort into a “formal” review. At the same point, I still like to chatter about books I’ve read, so I think I’m going to do something like that here. More casual “reviews.” Sometimes they’ll be […]

The Twilight Deception released today!

| November 17, 2006

The Twilight Deception releases from Cobblestone Press today! Here’s a brief blurb, if you’re interested: When the FBI receives word of vampire-related murders, they order tough-as-nails resident witch Arielle Thompson to investigate. But the last thing Arielle expects is to have her butt saved by a friendly vampire who claims he’s tracking the master vamp […]