I may be losing my mind here…

| May 29, 2006

Last night, I was browsing RD when I came across a link to Liquid Silver’s Satisfy Our Naughtier Side contest. (This is actually what prompted me to help Pet with her synopsis — I showed it to her because she’d been talking to me about an erotic romance novel she was going to sub to […]

Progress for the past couple days…

| May 28, 2006

My gods. I feel so dead right now. Okay. Lemme backtrack a bit. Yesterday (Saturday), I wrote a lecture for the class I’m teaching at Evo, which was a few hundred words. I also wrote two chapters in Stronger. One mostly just needed editing, but the other needed rewriting. So 1151 there. I also wrote […]

Well, that makes me feel better …

| May 27, 2006

Agent Kristin Nelson posted about novel length trends the other day, sprurring an interesting discussion in the comments thread. Some while ago, I heard — and for the life of me, I can’t remember who said it, but I’m pretty sure it was an industry professional or an author — that publishers were wanting shorter […]

The Twenty Worst Agents List

| May 26, 2006

I figure by now most everyone has heard of the hullabaloo surrounding Barbara Bauer and Absolute Write. If you haven’t, check out Making Light for the full scoop. Because I strenuously object to this level of idiocy, I’m posting the list here. THE TWENTY WORST AGENTS LIST * The Abacus Group Literary Agency * Allred […]

Progress … or lack thereof …

| May 25, 2006

I haven’t managed to get much done the past few days. Started in on Chapter 13 late Tuesday night, but only got about 375 words done. Morgan had come down with a pretty bad cold — he ended up calling out of work — and I was starting to catch it myself. Felt better the […]