[progress] Resurrection

| March 28, 2006

Resurrection39207 / 50000 (78.41%) … the Scene From Hell is done. *collapses*

Writer’s Growth Cycles

| March 27, 2006

Somebody linked to “Growth Cycle of a Writer” by Jenn Reese on one of the various writing lists I’m on. It’s an interesting essay, well worth reading, and I think it aptly describes a vast majority of writers. However, reading through … while some applies to me, not all of it does. (Ms. Reese makes […]

The Scene From Hell

| March 27, 2006

OK, made some progress yesterday on the Scene From Hell. I think I got roughly 1k done on it, but I haven’t finished it. However, I’m through the worst; I left off right around when the sex was starting. I just need to write that, and then I switch back to the heroine’s POV, which […]

Call for Moderators

| March 25, 2006

(x-posting from Evo) Seeking: A handful of members who understand the direction we have Evo heading toward and would like to take a more active role about the community. Evolution’s direction: Evolution is a community for writers to focus more on the actual act of writing. We’re here to help people learn the basics of […]


| March 25, 2006

It’s been a hellish week. I haven’t gotten much done in regards to writing due to a fibromyalgia flare, combined with nausea from acclimation to birth control. Also, I’ve been having some difficulty with the chapter I’m on of Resurrection. Mainly because I think it would work better in Orell’s point of view — but […]