Halfway point…

| July 31, 2005

I’m halfway through the outline. I have, oh, about five hours. Two or so of which will be taken up by cooking and Evolution Core meeting. And I have an evil sinus headache. *meep* I’m so screwed.


| July 30, 2005

So, I’d get a fair amount of scenes plotted… and then I’d have to realise I don’t have one of the storylines developed properly. Look a bit closer, ask a few questions… and now I’ve got a complication that’s going to be a bloody pain in the ass to resolve. (Mainly, one of my viewpoint […]


| July 27, 2005

I finished up the majority of the prewriting for To Weather the Storm last night, to the point that I can actually plot. Yay! Been playing around with StoryLines, a program specifically designed for organising plotting/prewriting notes. Very nifty program. Nice being able to notecard without fear of a little black feline fiend zooming through […]

Random update

| July 26, 2005

Meh. I hadn’t meant for it to be so long between updates. Just been somewhat busy recently, with writing, Evo, and everything. (BTW–for those who might be interested, I’m running Fighting the Blank Screen Blues, a workshop on combating writer’s block, this week over at Evolution.) I’ve been pretty busy this week, especially. Stronger‘s been […]


| July 12, 2005

This August at Evolution, we’ll be holding our first all-month writing event. Three goals: 10k, 30k, or 50k. (Yeah. Utter lunacy. Hence the name. ;)) The challenge is open to everyone, whether or not they’re a member of Evolution. Come check it out!