“And this is what I get for naming him Satan”

| May 31, 2005

Some things you don’t expect to happen in a rewrite. I knew that I have to change a couple names in Stronger, because I started the prewriting for the book before I’d gotten together with my ex-fiance, when we were best friends, and I’d named the MC’s cat and a minor character after him and […]


| May 31, 2005

Well, I kind of started on the rewrite … I resurrected the playlist, at least. Would you believe I actually had it saved on my computer, even after three years and three computers? *shakes head* O’course, I discovered that I didn’t have a good many of the songs anymore, so I had to go download, […]


| May 31, 2005

It’s too early to be tired, damn it. Especially after I slept ten hours earlier this evening. Mrr. Okay. It’s about 3:30-ish, and I should still be up for awhile. I’ve got some stuff to do around Evolution, but after that … I could write, but I should probably start working on the rewrite for […]


| May 29, 2005

Wrote 563 words in At the End of the World, the story I’m doing for MuseMuggers. Feeling rather shitty at the moment (had a really bad hypoglycemic attack earlier), so I think I’m going to go off and take a bath. We’ll see how I feel afterwards; I may write more, or I may crawl […]

Word War?

| May 28, 2005

If anyone would be interested, I’m going to be in Evolution’s StormChat trying to get some writing done … as I have a MuseMuggers piece to finish tonight, along with the rest of the character bio. So, if anyone would like to pop in for a Word War in a half hour, hour or so […]